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Centurion MilSim – Operation Gladio


Join Centurion MilSim October 8th and 9th in East Stroudsburg, PA for Operation Gladio 2016, a two-day MilSim event. Just by the description it’s sure to be a rip-roaring time:

At Operation Stonewall the Green Forces of the Southern Army were overwhelmed by enemy troops in an almost 2 to 1 ratio. So many targets of opportunity with so little man power to follow through. Eventually the Northern Raiders would overpower the Bastards… but there was always a back-up plan in place.

The Bastards had already placed a complete network across the North to cover any region that could be used as a strategic advantage… A secret ‘stay behind Army’ has been just waiting for their chance to make a difference… and now that time has come.

Join us in East Straudsburg, PA for a TWO DAY event that will test you and your team to new objectives, new enemy forces as well as a new location. This GUERRILLA ARMY needs your help to push down the Raiders and take the motivation away from their advancing forces.

Join up at joincenturion.com/events/operation-gladio


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