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Update: HERA Arms CQR AR Stock And Forward Grip

Coming to a Deux Ex sequel near you

An update from The Firearm Blog revealed the pricing for the highly-anticipated HERA Arms CQR AR furniture set:

California stock – $124.00

Normal stock – $119.00

Front grip – $39.00

Functional AR furniture can be had for less, to be sure, but these pieces are:

1) Imported from Germany


2) Pretty unique (and stylish)

Plus, $158 (normal stock + grip) isn’t really as bad a price as it could have been for the whole set.

LAN World still hasn’t made an announcement regarding availability, so stay tuned for further info.



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One Response to “Update: HERA Arms CQR AR Stock And Forward Grip”

  1. Craig says:

    Not gonna lie. If I end up getting another rifle it will be an AR of some kind and it will get these parts. Just for S’n’Gs.

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