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Someone Trademarked The Term “Morale Patch”- Help Stop Them

Yesterday, Morale Patch Armory announced they had received a trademark for the term “Morale Patch” and immediately set about having morale patch collector groups shut down on social media. Obviously, the term existed long before these guys came along. I’m all for respecting IP, but if you didn’t create it, you shouldn’t claim it.

Consequently, some folks have banded together to appeal the trademark issue to the USPTO. Naturally, this will take lawyers, and lawyers take cash. They’ve started a gofundme page and raised over $8000 in the first hour. Consider, throwing a few bucks in, in order to stand up to this outrageous act, designed to curtail innovation and trade.


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  1. mudd says:

    be sure to give them a proper review on Amazon!

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