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Weapon 7.62 – TMC M72 LAW Pillow

It's like a dakimakura, but for anti-tank weapon fetishists

This is an M27 LAW anti-tank launcher replica, made into a pillow. It doesn’t have any function, aside from that already offered by a soft pillow. Its design does allow it to be used for MilSim, if warranted.


2 Responses to “Weapon 7.62 – TMC M72 LAW Pillow”

  1. Matsuo says:

    Milsim melee weapon when charlie’s inside the wire?

  2. Estoy sorprendido de encontrar esta web. Quería daros las gracias por escribir esta obra maestra. Sin duda he saboreado cada pedacito de ella. Os te tengo marcados para ver más cosas nuevas de este blog .

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