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Centurion MilSim – Battle Of Tygart Valley

Centurion MilSim is conducting a weekend event in Philippi, Battle of Tygart Valley, WV from 10/13 – 10/15. Registration is open, however slots are limited based on the area of gameplay, so interested parties should sign up ASAP. Plus, Centurion is still honoring their Veteran 1+1 program – if an airsoft event registered player is a Veteran, than can bring a fellow Vet to their first Centurion event for free.

For more information, and to participate, check out the following link: joincenturion.com/news/battle-of-tygart-valley


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  1. mike says:

    I can not stress this point enough.


    Every spring bodies are fished out of the river because no one listens to good advice. The river is wild and unpredictable, regularly killing people who don’t know any better from other counties, but also often taking experienced locals who thought they had it under control.

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