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Perseverance Survival – Pancho Liner Hoodie

The ‘liner, wet weather, poncho’, affectionately known to many as the Woobie, is one of the greatest and most beloved military-issued goods of all time. Perseverance Survival has taken the classic Woobie, and fashioned it into a hoodie. As the hoodies are made of re-purposed pancho liners, logic would dictate they’re made of a 100% nylon exterior with a 100% polyester filling. The hoodie also features a draw cord, and a standard kangaroo pocket.

The Pancho Liner Hoodie is currently available in three colorways: Coyote Tan, MARPAT, and Woodland.



2 Responses to “Perseverance Survival – Pancho Liner Hoodie”

  1. jjj0309 says:

    Finally Santa heard my wish

  2. colin says:

    oh wow I love it, pay day purchase

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