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/r/GunDeals Is Back!

If you don’t frequent Reddit, you’re doing yourself a service. But if you do, you might be aware of the crackdown on subreddits that hosted user-to-user transactions, some of which were firearms-related. It came to light that this crackdown was due to the admins attempting to shut down any potential FOSTA violations on the site, rather than a reaction to the Parkland Shooting, or any other reason of the sort.

Today, it was revealed that /r/GunDeals, one of the most popular firearms, accessory, and ammunition sales aggregate subreddits, and a causality of this crackdown, was reinstated. The moderators of the subreddit worked closely with Reddit’s admins to insure that the subreddit would adhere to Reddit’s revised policies regarding sales aggregate subreddits, that is that all posted deals and sales are only made available through actual firearms dealer and retailers. While this was generally the way the subreddit was ran before the initial ban, it also means that links to websites such as Gunbroker or Armslist, can no longer be posted.


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