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PSA – Poop Flinging Gremlins AR-15 Lower Receiver

About a decade couple months ago, an irate Arfcom poster made their displeasure with Palmetto State Armory’s business practices known through a series of posts in a thread, the high of which was reached when said poster used the phrase “poop flinging gremlins”, leveled presumably at a number of other posters in the thread.

PSA decided to roll with the phrase, and later came out with a lower inspired by that post. It features Spike from Gremlins, poo in hand, engraved on the magwell, and selector switch markings labeled: ‘No Poop’, ‘Poop’, and ‘Fling Poop’. Plus, the S/N is prefaced with the letters POOP.

This lower is currently available for purchase from PSA (in-stock at the time of writing), and is sure to go fairly quick, so get one for yourself while you can.


Edit: As pointed out by reader comment, the “poop flinging gremlins” comment wasn’t made over a decade ago, but rather this past May. The poster’s join date was confused for the post date, hence the mistake. The article above has been corrected to reflect this information.


One Response to “PSA – Poop Flinging Gremlins AR-15 Lower Receiver”

  1. rs says:

    The comments were not made “about a decade ago”. They were made just after Mother’s Day weekend, 2018. It was later found that the irate poster had posted the same rant exactly a year prior on another forum. The lower was requested in an offhanded comment, Palmetto went with it, and availability was slightly delayed due to having to wait for ATF approval for what amounts to a new model of receiver.

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