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Doom Eternal – Official Story Gameplay Trailer 2

Doom Eternal was unfortunately delayed from its original November 2019 release date to this coming March. However, we now have this woefully brief story trailer to help tide us over. It shows a space station within Earth’s orbit, which is probably the inter-mission ‘slayer’s base’ that was mentioned in pre-release materials for the game. It also shows one of the central antagonists, supposedly an angel of some type, as well as the Doom Slayer’s rival – a demon decked out in similar armor, and of course plenty of visceral demon slaying.

2016’s Doom was such a great reimagining of the franchise, and I’m hoping this sequel manages to capture that same spark, although based on the footage seen thus far, that’ll probably be the case.

Doom Eternal launches March 20th, 2020 on all major consoles and PC.


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