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Versace – Greca Rhegis Boots

Everyone: the combat boot has gone Guuci! Well, technically this ain’t Gucci, but rather rival Italian luxury fashion brand Versace. All the same, this is a $1100 pair of “combat boots” (no word on Pro Deal pricing as of the time of writing) that probably ain’t good for anything else other than announcing to the world that you’re wearing an $1100 pair of “combat boots”. Details are fairly scarce on the product page, but what is revealed is the following:

– Outer fabric: 100% leather
– Lining: 100% leather
– Sole: 100% Rubber
– Made in Italy

They’re also lace up style boots, and have an embossed logo. Oh, and there’s a nifty little Easter Egg of sorts on the sole: those numbers? Coordinates, to the plaza in front of the Milan Cathedral. Not sure if that’s a standard flair of Versace goods, but neat nonetheless.

Plus, if you’re not digging the vaguely desert-ish “neutrals” colorway, you’re not lacking in color options; you can always pick the White or Black option instead.



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