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RIP Venture Bros

According to myriad sources on the internet (so it must be true! Unfortunately, it really is true; straight from the creators’ mouths, in fact.), the long-running cartoon series Venture Bros has officially been cancelled by late night adult programming network [adult swim]. Venture Bros was first introduced to the [as] programming block with a pilot in 2003, the show debuted in earnest in 2004, and continued in a fairly sporadic manner with seasons premiering on a roughly biennial — that’s every 2 years or so — schedule. Venture Bros’ seventh, and final, season ended in late 2018, making it one of the longest lasting series on [adult swim] at 15-ish years of production(!!!). In fact, the show runners were in the process of writing the eighth season when news of the show’s cancellation broke, so they were just as surprised as anyone else.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. [adult swim] has expressed interest in continuing the story line as planned in some fashion, and in this age of streaming services and series revitalizations, Venture Bros could totally migrate over to a new production company. If I had to make a bet, it would probably be HBO Max, since that’s where all of the Turner-owned animated shows seem to be popping up, as of late.

But, whatever the case, I will dearly miss the satirization of 60’s era boy adventurer and Space Age fiction that the Venture Bros. is/was, and am eager to see how the property is developed in the future.

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