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Battle Arms Studios’ Limited-Edition “Solo Blaster” Collector’s Piece

Wednesday, March 6th, 2024

Get ready to channel your inner Han Solo with the latest offering from Battle Arms Studios. The Solo Blaster is a custom AR Pisol-style design (or AR .22? We’re really not sure what to call this thing.) chambered in .22 LR, which draws inspiration from the iconic blaster wielded by the iconic smuggler-turned-hero in the Star Wars franchise.

“Coming soon from Battle Arms Studios… Solo Blaster! Be a rebel in this epic tale of fun and adventure, where you are the hero. This .22 LR is out of this world and made in very limited quantities. Stay tuned for how you can purchase one and start your hero’s journey in a galaxy far away.” – Battle Arms Development

This eye-catching collector’s piece features a battle-worn finish, functional custom safety selector knob, last-round bolt hold open, 10-round magazine, MG42 style flash cone, Mauser broom handle style grip, and is optics ready. While it might not pack the same punch as Han’s DL-44, this non-functional Solo Blaster, it’s still probably bound to be a hit for a collector. Based on what we saw, Solo Blaster may have initially been intended as a contest prize, but its popularity sparked Battle Arms Studios to produce a limited supply for purchase.

“I told a lot of you at the NRA Show this year that we are huge Star Wars fans here at Battlearms and that we celebrate that with a lot of fun memorabilia. and custom builds… Here is a small taste…” – Battle Arms Development

According to comments on their Instagram, Battle Arms may also be making it available to dealers. They also encouraged another customer in the comments to email them to hold a spot. Apparently, this run may already be pre-sold out—it looks like they’re doing another run, though! Even more exciting, they’ve alluded to maybe making a custom Boba Fett blaster next.

If you want to add a unique and galactic touch to your collection, stay tuned to Battle Arms Studios for more information on how to secure one of these blasters or follow them on Instagram at @battlearms