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Draw ‘n Fire Art “Upgraded” Cobra Cobretti

Monday, June 3rd, 2024

Remember the movie Cobra with Sylvester Stallone? Chewing on a match, dark shades, a badass car, and a hero who takes a moment mid-gunfight to chug a beer in a grocery store.

Sure ya do. It’s a cult sh!tshow classic. Maybe not the best of over-the-top cringe-worthy trope-flicks, but definitely worth the watch!

Loren Michkin art: Sylvester Stallone in "Cobra";two dfferent version available.

Draw ‘n’ Fire Art

In any case, Lorin Michki, aka @drawnfireart on Instagram, recently completed two updated versions of the titular hero in movie poster style. One shows Lt. Cobretti with the custom Colt Gold Cup National Match pistol he carried in the film. The other version features “Cobra” carrying a Chambers Custom “Working Man’s Gun.” (WMG). Happily for you car folks, it also features Cobretti’s custom 1950 Mercury.


Check out Michkin’s store if you’re looking for some badass prints. It’s on Etsy.


Even if you aren’t a Cobra fan, do yourself a fan and check out Michkin’s work. Unless I completely miss my guess (and I won’t) there will be something there you like.

Like this, for instance.

A signed and numbered print of Doc Holliday (with a Beretta 92 Elite LTT blaster). The original drawing was made with colored pencil on Stonehenge paper.

A signed and numbered print of Doc Holliday (with a Beretta 92 Elite LTT blaster). The original drawing was made with colored pencil on Stonehenge paper.

Cobra Movie 1986 Trailer


“You’re the disease. I’m the cure.” Marion Cobretti 

Gun Art Expands “Defending Freedom” State Collection

Sunday, October 29th, 2023

Arizona-based Gun Art is proud to announce the expansion of its DEFENDING FREEDOM series. Our high-quality, firearm-related artwork is now available in classic, framed wall art, computer mats, and more.

AR15 Wall Art for Kentucky

These are top-quality artistic representations of beloved firearms perfect for your man cave, office, meeting room, workstation, or…


There are two versions of each design, one with a more colorful state background and another that is more subdued.

Artists at Gun Art include Dan Burr, Steven Noble, Ilya Avakov, Rashelle Stetman, Florian Nicolle, and Ricardo Lalinde. 

When it comes to the framed wall art, paintings are available in a number of sizes, including:

  • 12×18
  • 16×24
  • 20×30
  • 30×45
  • 40×60

There are an equal number of frame and material options; three (3) wood, two (2) metal:

  • Black Americana (wood)
  • Charcoal Reverse (wood)
  • Black Scoop (wood)
  • Black Flat (metal)
  • Dark Pewter (metal) 

Current options for display include:

50 State Defending Freedom Gun Wall Art.

50 State Defending Freedom mouse pad/mat

50 State Defending Freedom mouse pad/mat custom shower curtains

50 State Defending Freedom sherpa blanket collection. 

50 State Defending Freedom 13- and 15-inch laptop sleeves.

50 State Defending Freedom 50 State Coaster Collection.

All this and more is online at Gun.Art.com

Gun Art: Where Fine Art & the 2nd Amendment Meet!

Star Trek TNG Captain Picard Facepalm Bust – Bronze Edition

Sunday, June 2nd, 2019

If you’re a fan of dated memes and Star Trek, and need something in your office or study that shows this, then you might want to get one of these Captain Picard Facepalm Busts from ThinkGeek. Manufactured by pop culture collectable maker IconHeroes https://www.iconheroes.com/, this bust depicts Picard mid-facepalm, complete with bronze colloration, and non-marring felt on the base.

You can get it at: www.thinkgeek.com/product/kukp

Goat Story – Goat Mug

Friday, May 10th, 2019

Drinking Horns are one of those cool ‘ancient warrior’ ways to quaff your favorite brew (or any beverage, really; no judgements here), second only to drinking from the repurposed skulls of your enemies. However, they’re not the most practical drinking vessel, due to their shape. And, sure, purpose-made stands do exist for horns, but what if there were a more practical way to carry a horn with you, everywhere you go?

Well, Goat Story has their own take on the portable Drinking Horn in the Goat Mug. It’s a coffee mug horn that comes with a drink sleeve/holder made of leather or faux leather. This sleeve doubles as a stand for the horn, so it can readily be set on a surface. The Goat Mug also comes with a couple of straps, for attaching the horn to a bag, or even strapped around your shoulders.


BFG Stockings “Tactical Santa Socks”

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

These Berry compliant stockings are made from genuine 500D CORDURA. Each is approximately 15″ long and 5.5″ in diameter. erfect amount of stocking stuffers including a Vickers Sling in and still hang securely by the sewn external loop. The top is made of 1.5″ loop field for morale patches because if it didn’t have patches – these would just be “Santa Socks”.


The BFG Stocking is available in two colors – Multicam with Sand loop field at the top or Coyote Brown with the rare ATAC-S Arid loop field.

Supplies are extremely limited – these are the last of the BFG Stockings!


K Bar Soap Co

Friday, November 24th, 2017

The K Bar Soap Co is a Veteran-owned and operated company that produces, well, soap. But not just any soap. This is bar soap, pressed into a mold and made to look like a Mk 2 fragmentation grenade. Plus, K bar Soap comes in a wide variety of different scents; above is ‘Napalm in the AM’, and other choices include:

  • Reveille
  • Opha Mae
  • Salt Dog
  • and more.

    You can pick up some K Bar Soap Co via the link below: