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Reader Guest Blog: “FROM DUST!” Says Sherman

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

ALCON: We’re going to periodically feature some guest blogs from our readership (assuming they can write somewhat intelligently

Tactical Fanboy: FROM DUST, by Ubisoft

about something our audience would enjoy…which pretty much is guns to movies to video games to boobs real and imagined…) The first installment of Reader Guest Blog comes to you from the convoluted and somewhat Escher-print-like gray matter of Isaac Sherman, the author of Pygmalion’s Geas (a blog we only rarely understand). He is also, for those of you who follow the Mad Duo, a contributor to Breach-Bang-Clear. Isaac is going to talk about a game today. Hopefully none of the words are too big.

FROM DUST!  says Isaac Sherman. Try it.

After logging an obscene amount of time playing Skyrim, I came across this game on Steam. Just 5 USD and it looked like just my style. What’s not to like about being a pagan god with gozillions of minions?

It’s called From Dust, by Ubisoft, and I figured, “Why not?  It’s less than lunch at Applebee’s.”  Of course, I only eat at Applebee’s on Veteran’s Day because it’s free for military (it’s really not that good), but the logic seems sound.  Just a few days ago it was on sale for 66% off the regular price of $15 (FYI, those Steam guys are great for selling gems at a huge discount, it’s worth taking a peak every now and again if you’re not already ware of it.)  Oh and yes, for clarity’s sake, this was on the PC.