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BrickForge – Powered Assault Commando Accessory Pack

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Powered Assault Commando - Olive Green (Loose)

BrickForge is a company that releases custom LEGO minifig accessories. A recent addition to their product line is the inclusion of 3 new colors to their Powered Assault Commando accessory pack. Seen here is the Olive Green variant. This set comes with:

– Powered Assault Armor (Olive Green)
– Powered Assault Helmet (Olive Green)
– Powered Assault Visor (Gold)
– Vambraces (Olive Green)
– Anti-Material Sniper Rifle (Olive Green)
– Intergalactic 8-Gauge (Olive Green w/ Yellow Pump)
– TASE Gun (Olive Green w/ Yellow Tip)
– Power Blade (Trans Dark Blue)(Supercharged)

Also available are Black and Steel (Grey), which come with slightly different weapon configurations.