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SHOT Show 2012: Jones Tactical Belts

Monday, January 30th, 2012

One of the advantages of attending SHOT is not just being able to see new products at all the different booths. One of the things I like

most  is the opportunity to catch up with so many individuals from so many places all in one week. You may run into one or two at the NTOA Conference, then another a New Breed of Warrior, but darn near everyone attends SHOT. This gives you the chance to hear and see what they’ve seen and heard and like, what kind of EDC or specialty kit they’re running, etc. When you run into multiple peers wearing something or talking about something they say you should investigate, you’d be foolish not to.

Over the course of SHOT I bumped into several friends who spoke very highly of the Cobra belts from Jones Tactical LLC. So we’re clear, I haven’t gotten my hands on one or worn one, but I heard nothing but good things (I wear a Yates CQB Cobra and love it, though I intend to give the Jones belt a try). Among those who advised their preference for Jones Tactical belts: MilsSpec Monkey, one of the engineers from War Sport, a USSA instructor and a couple of friends who prefer to remain anonymous.

You can find more information on the various belts on the Jones Tactical website and Facebook page,  and a lot of pictures on their Flickr page.

SSD: Jones Tactical belts of various colors