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The Norseman Cometh

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015


The Norseman Cometh. The first offering in the Agents of the Collapse Series. Sculpted by Mikkel Frandsen. Available as 1:9 and 1:35 scale figures with bases. Cast in Flesh and Grey resin.

To see forward in some situations you must look to the past. Or at least that was the words of a man known a Hrafn. At the twilight of the 21st century the world was in utter chaos. Between devastating natural disasters in the United States, Africa being over run with disease and famine, and the nuclear holocaust in Russia after the fall of the second Soviet empire. Europe stands alone crumbling with what resources and technology they have left. However one island nation formerly known as the United Kingdom still has resources and a sense of society. In relative isolation the inhabitants of this once proud nation struggle to rebuild and preserve the culture of modern man. Myths of the Norsemen of 723 were nothing but a some historical tale told to children. Until one day when ships appeared on the horizon of the Thames Estuary. Not the ships of modern man, but some wooden vessels of the past with the heads of dragons. This incident stuck fear into the heart of the surviving nation. Looting and pillaging began to occur up and down the english coast. This incident became known the second coming of the Norseman. This scourge will continue on as resources continue to dwindle in this once so called modern world.

The preorder will be in three stages for the 1/9th scale offering with the price going up every few months to the retail price. Initially if you get in on this it will be 99.00 USD with free shipping in the USA, It will go to 125.00USD at the 1st of March and 150.00usd in May. With a projected shipping date of July 2015

The 1/35 preorder will be 20.00USD till May with 25.00 after that. The finial retail will be 35.00 usd. Shipping will be Free in the USA