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Chuck Taylor Classic Boot XHi

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

It’s the iconic Chuck Taylor sneaker, but made into a military-inspired boot form. The upper is a non-waterproof powdered suede and it features heavy-duty laces. Pretty interesting, and cool-looking, if not totally functional as an actual boot. Comes in two colors: Chocolate (Brown) and Castlerock (Black).

You can buy them here.

Converse High Tops: A Japanese Exclusive

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

See these babies? Pretty sweet, right? Yeah, I though you might like them. These Converse Chuck Taylor high tops feature cordura fabric uppers in both black and camouflage and the traditional vulcanized rubber soles with black pinstripe. Excluding the cordura uppers, these are your standard pair of Converse All-Stars, which should be reason enough for you to want them. Converses are already awesome! The cordura is just overkill. Plus, that camouflage really speaks to my ‘tactical fanboy-ness’. It’s too bad they’re exclusive to Japan, otherwise I’d be rocking a pair ASAP.