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CES 2012 – Mimoco

Friday, January 13th, 2012

I’m not gonna lie. At first, my interest was purely in the property rights this company was carrying. A Boba Fett Return of the Jedi edition MIMOBOT USB drive? Hell, yeah! But, Mimoco has come up with a useful tool in their MIMOMICRO card reader/USB drive.

MIMOMICROs allow for easy transfer of data stored on microSD cards. You know, the really small ones that almost always require an adapter since barely any computers on the market accept them as is? My camera takes them, and in case you couldn’t tell, I’m not a big fan. You simply insert the microSD card into the device, then flip out the USB plug. Simple and fast usage of the normally pain-in-the-ass microSD. Plus, Batman and Darth Vader make everything cooler. The MIMOMICRO line will be available March of this year.