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GunWebsites – Gunshow Loophole Tour 2016

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

GunWebsites is currently holding an Indiegogo campaign to fund their Gunshow Loophole Tour 2016. The Gunshow Loophole tour serves as a method for GunWebsites to travel across the USA, undertaking the following goals:

– Add to our growing list of Gun Shop & Gun Show Visits and Reviews
– Discover, Promote & Share Firearms Museums
– Raise awareness of Recreational & Sport Shooting
– Seek out U.S. firearms history
– Share interesting private firearms collections
– Visit & Tour Firearms Manufacturers, Importers & Distributors
– Attend Machine Gun Shoots & other Shooting Events

These happenings will be reported on through GunWebsites’ daily live show and podcast, along with YouTube vidoes, daily blogs, and photography which will be featured on Instagram and websites.

If you’d like to further support these efforts, visit the link below.


Kalashnikov Buyers Guide On Indiegogo

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Noted Kalashnikov enthusiast Gun Websites is currently running an Indiegogo campaign for something a bit more abstract than your usual crowdfunding project, but no less worth paying attention to: a Kalashnikov Buyers Guide. This guide will be a web-based “ulitmate resource for all things Kalashnikov.” It will function as a singluar place to compile an archive of information on Kalashnikov rifles and their variants, as well as encourage more Kalashnikov collectors, builders, and shooters. You can check out the campaign at the link below: