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Hillbilly Two-Two-Three

Monday, January 16th, 2012

I’ve been meaning to write about these guys for a while now. SHOT Show and assorted other real world inconveniences (however much fun, and however much cleavage has been involved) has gotten in the way. Let me just throw up some pictures for you to check out and suggest you investigate further via their website and Facebook. There will be plenty more to follow, but this guy’s work is just too bad ass to not at least pique your interest now. (This ‘hawk, by the way, is for sale now.)

I’m gonna send him a whole passel of magazines (yes, I said passel) to paint up for me. When I do, I will look way cooler than the law should allow. He’s less than a day’s drives away from me…I may just head over there and do a whole article about his shop one of these days, if you want.

Check out Hillbilly Two-Two-Three Duracoat Finishing (also on Facebook.)

(Yes, I know I may not actually need a bad-ass looking tommyhawk, but if I had one that looked like that I’d be wishing for a zombie apocalypse every day so I could use it.)

Hat tip to the Mad Duo, who’ve been on me to talk about these guys for a while.

TFB Knuckledragger: Check out this 'hawk from Hillbilly 223

One of Hillbilly 223's knife coats.





























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