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Ultimate weapon of doorkickery

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

The personal CQB Sniper Weapon System of the man who founded HoTac (HoTac CQBSWS). “Real world tools borne from real world experience.” Or, as the most dangerous H0-Tac graduates are won’t to say after the harrowing conclusion of their most desperate missions: Oderint dum metuant, nunc est bibendum; Nil desperandum, nemo saltat sobrius.

Check back on Tactical Fanboy later this week for video of Airborne Willie and Magnum Tubbs using this at the shoot house.

The ultimate in ballistic badassery: HoTac CQBSWS, also available with laser/light combo, suppressor, horizontal foregrip and bayonet.

Hat tip to those steely-eyed bastards at Spartan for spotting this bad boy at the semi-private wet works shooting range at that secret snake-eater facility none of us are allowed to talk about.