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Lancer Tactical – GPNVG-18 Dummy Review

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013


Lancer Airsoft’s GPNVG-18 Dummy is a non-functional replica of the L-3 Warrior Systems GPNVG-18, perhaps best known for its use by Seal Team Six in the flim Zero Dark Thirty. This particular model comes standard with clear and blue replacement lenses, dummy ANVIS cable, and dummy remote battery pack.

As far as replicas go, Lancer Tactical really hit it out of the park with their GPNVG-18 Dummy. The detail of this product is high: the Dummy is the proper size, features accurate accessories, and proper markings; There are identification stickers that come with the dummy that can be used to add further detail. The unit is made from sturdy plastic, and the non-functioning power button is made from a spongy foam-like material. Dials on either side of the eye pieces can be used to adjust their spacing.

The Dummy NVG is fairly lightweight, including the faux battery pack, so it’s not likely to cause any additional strain if mounted to a helmet. The replaceable lenses are a nice addition that adds a bit of customization to the unit. Please note that actually looking through the lenses is slightly disorienting, the lenses are convex (images appear upside down and reversed), so it’s best used as an accessory or for non-serious play.

If you happen to be looking for a replica GPNVG-18 to add that extra bit of detail to your kit, for role-playing purposes, or just because they’re cool looking, then you can’t go wrong with Lancer Tactical’s GPNVG-18 Dummy.

One last thing to note: For the purposes of the photography, I mounted the dummy GPNVG-18 on a Wilcox L4 G24 NVG mount. Although the dummy NVG did fit, it wasn’t completely secure to the mount and had the potential to slip off. Lancer Tactical offers their own L4 G24 NVG mount built for airsoft use that should better accommodate the dummy NVG.

The Lancer Tactical GPNVG-18 Dummy shown above is in Tan, although a Black model is also available.


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Lancer Tactical – MOLLE Chest Rig Review

Friday, October 11th, 2013


Lancer Tactical’s MOLLE Chest Rig is constructed from 600 Denier Polyester material. It features front, back, and sides PALS webbing for the attachment of pouches and other MOLLE compatible equipment. Adjustable shoulder straps, also featuring PALS webbing, have side adjusters and quick release buckles. The Adjustable waist strap has Velcro flaps and quick release buckles. The vest comes with four integrated AR-15 magazine pouches with bungie retention straps, as well as two integrated multi-purpose pouches with bungie retention straps. A hydration compartment with Velcro panel on the flap fits up to a 2.5L bladder, and a mesh compartment interior pocket allows for additional storage. The MOLLE Chest Rig is adjustable from medium to large size.

The Lancer Tactical MOLLE Chest Rig is a customizable piece of Airsoft kit can fill a wide variety of purposes thanks to the volume of PALS webbing present on the rig. The rig is comfortable and easily adjustable, and the Velcro straps included to retain excess webbing is a nice addition. The integrated AR-15 pouches each fit one (1) STANAG model magazine with the two multi-purpose pouches good for a light, mutlitool, or, in a pinch, a pistol magazine. One feature not mentioned on the product detail is a carrying handle that is retained to the rig thanks to a strip of hook and loop; this is a nice feature that helps keep the carrying handle from getting snagged or otherwise tampered with. Overall, Lancer Tactical’s MOLLE Chest Rig is a functional rig that, thanks to is modularity, can fulfill virtually any purpose the user wants it to.

The Lancer Tactical MOLLE Chest Rig shown above is in MARPAT, although it’s also available in ACU, Black, OD Green, and Tan.


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