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Monster Black Ice

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Always on the prowl for new energy drinks, I came across a flavor of Monster I haven’t tried yet. Monster Black Ice is part of the Extra Strength Nitrous Technology line, and is the first in the line to have zero calories or sugar. Surprisingly, the drink is lacking in that “diet” taste, and is pleasantly smooth, with a nice bite. I had a hard time locking down the flavor, but I’d best describe it as berry-ish, almost like a punch. Although Nitrous Super Dry is still my go to Monster, I find this to be an excellent alternative, so give it a shot.

Monster Rehab

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

I recently cracked open my first Monster Rehab, an energy drink described as “Tea+Lemonade+Energy” on the can. Based on taste alone, it’s not too inaccurate to describe it as an ‘Energy Arnold Palmer’. You’ve got that slightly tart, slightly sweet tea taste of an Arnold Palmer, combined with a slight hit of “Rehab Energy Blend”, and it’s not carbonated. As a nice little bonus, this lemony-liquid is only 10 calories per serving [about 2 servings per 15.5 oz can]. It won’t quite jack you up like a regular Monster, or equivalent energy drink, but if you need a light recovery drink, it’s a damn fine choice.