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Carbon Fiber Full Body Armor: Stormtroopers

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Forget the Kryron Terminator Armor System or Dragonskin…the future of head to toe full body armor is here, and it looks eerily familiar. Engineering technician Leonard Carson woks for San Diego Composites. He convinced some of his buddies at work to help with his dream of creating actual storm trooper armor out of carbon fiber. Apparently they were all big Star Wars fans, so it was a pretty easy sell. Now, in fairness we’re not actually saying this armor provides ballistic protection (nor do they claim it) but it’s certainly pretty kewl to look at and who knows? Maybe some day a fully articulated, lightweight, serviceable set of real level IV body armor will be available. Then when SWAT teams go in after an armed and barricaded suspect they can play some good music over the same loudspeakers they were previously using to make announcements. (“Suspect inside the residence at 1616 S. Walnut, this is the police. You have five more minutes to lay down your weapon and walk onto the front porch with your hands in the air…n0? Okay Bull, cue the orchestra!”)

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