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SHOT 2012: Anti-Zombie Chainsaw Pic Rail Attachment

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Finally, someone has developed a rail-attach chainsaw for anti-zombie work. Frankly, it’s overdue, so kudos to Doublestar for finally getting it done. Known as the Zombie X (for Zombie Exterminator), Doublestar had this display out for those of you preparing for the Zombiepocalypse at the Doublestar Booth. This thing has a separate power/activation and a battery at the butt of the Kalash it mounts to (it will also mount to an AR, though it might be a little much weight to add to an M249). The chainsaw is fully functional and has its own EOTech sight (there’s a separate optic for the rifle itself). No word as to whether they’ve considered replacing the EOTech with  one of those lasers you see on fancy saws at the hardware stores (you know, the ones that show where the cut line is).

Doublestar Chainsaw Attachment and Kalashnikov. Pic by Gamma Nine.


Keep in mind if you do use a chainsaw during a zombiepocalyptic event, you must wear a full face mask, not just eye pro. You think a money shot in the dirty movies is gross? Try avoiding the infection (and vomiting) sure to follow when you get a face full of zombie gore after carving it into pieces.

Currently the Zombie-X is not for sale. This prototype was built for FEMA, Homeland Security Zombie Division and the SHOT Show only. If you actually want one, you’ll need to contact Doublestar. Hopefully the production models (since they build the full rifle in addition to the chainsaw pic-rail attachment) will come with a BattleComp.

Picture courtesy of Gamma Nine (which is worth checking out on its own).