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SHOT Show 2102: Weird Rail-Mounted Stuff

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Sometimes you need more than just combat effective gear and the more obvious accessories. Sometimes you need rail-mounted awesomeness that makes acts as a force multiplier by virtue only of being awesomely awesome and tacticool. How about a rail mounted skull? It increases the range of a black rifle by an average of 17.4%, if will decrease the spread of an iron sights shot group to about half what it was (at the hundred), and if you ever run dry or suffer a malfunction you can flip the rifle around sideways and scare the hell out of whomever you’ve been shooting at (though with a skull on there it’s pretty hard to imagine you’d have missed in the first place).

TFB: A rail-mounted skull is the appropriately deadly accessory for any "true" warrior.

Now if they’d just make bullets that whistled or screamed while they hurtle through the air. You know, like some of the old Samurai arrows, or a Stuka. Hat tip to (and picture, and smart-assed tone)courtesy of Andrew at Spartan Imports.