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A little more pre-review of Warfighter

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Danger Close, the studio behind the yet-to-be-released Medal of Honor Warfighter, is not out to replicate the reality of combat for a Special Forces Operator but they are giving it a hell of a shot by teaming up with Special Operations veterans that have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. Veterans like Tyler, a former SF Soldier with multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan who retired after being wounded in 2007. The studio won’t even release his last name in fear of compromising his identity. Tyler, along with a small team of veterans, is working behind the scenes with the developers to make this outing in the Medal of Honor series as authentic as possible for a game. When the developers want to know how to do a tactical reload, breach a door, or conduct a smooth weapons transition they ask Tyler and his team to demonstrate so that the designers can replicate it in the game. This striving for authenticity is a good thing in my eyes and it lends legitimacy to the game that others in the genre sorely lack. Asking for and seeking out the input and advice of combat veterans on a game that takes place on the modern battlefields that quite likely many of the game’s players fought on tells me that the developers actually care about the large community of game playing veterans. Keep it up, Danger Close. Medal of Honor Warfighter isn’t scheduled to be released 23 October but you can pre-order it now on the game site.