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Sandman: Modern Warfare 3

Friday, January 6th, 2012

We can neither confirm nor deny whether Dalton Fury based the Modern Warfare 3 Sandman character on Richard “Swingin’ Dick” Kilgore, though no one who knows them both can deny that William Fichtner sounds a lot like Swingin’ Dick. (Fichtner was the voice of Sandman in the game, if you didn’t know.)

Games, like movies, have some great one-liners and scenes. Just to satisfy TFB’s curiosity, what are your favorites from MW3?

Sandman, from Modern Warfare 3

Sandman, from Modern Warfare 3. Many people aren't aware that he was actually on leave and playing quarters with cheap beer alongside Richard Kilgore the night before he was tasked with Operation Kingfisher.




Here’s a bonus pic: Lego Sandman.

Fan art: Lego Sandman

Fan art: Lego "Sandman"













So anyway, there’s like 40,000+ lines in the game. Any of them seem particularly cool to you?