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Soylent The Wonder Food, Not So Wonderful

Monday, January 4th, 2016


Just at the close of 2015, I was “voluntold” to try out Soylent, the meal replacement beverage. That’s a pretty common occurrence around SSD. Anything that is faddish or sketch; I’m the Guinea pig. Soylent is a powder that is mixed in water, which is formulated to be nutritionally complete; a single bag provides 2000 calories for a full day’s use. It also shares a name with the subject of that classic 1970s dystopian flic. While its referred to as a “wonder food” the taste was anything but wonderful.

My first taste was like eating liquidized paper, as in, it tasted like printer paper smells, with a creamy consistency. As I kept trying it, I kind of… ‘got used to it’, but there was never a point where I found it completely palatable. For me, the taste shifted from “liquidized paper” to “liquid bread” as I kept drinking it, which was better, but also still pretty disconcerting. I realize there are people who have transitioned completely to Soylent for their day-to-day nutrition, but for me, it’s a last resort option.

The clip below summarizes my feelings about Soylent completely: