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TiKeY + TiPiK Lockpick Set On Massdrop

Monday, January 20th, 2014


For a limited time on Massdrop, you can purchase the TiKey + TiPiK Lockpick Set on Massdrop for 24% off MSRP. The TiKeY + TiPiK by Tactical Keychains is a package consisting of a billet grade 5 titanium key holder, the TiKeY, and a set of 7 lockpicks and 2 tension bars also made of grade 5 titanium, the TiPiK set.


Massdrop is a crowd-based sales platform where users vote on commercial items to be featured on the site, based on a category such as ‘Espresso machine’ or ‘Tactical backpack’. Once voting narrows down to just one item, Massdrop contacts the manufacturer and looks to set up a ‘Massdrop’, which aims to offer bulk pricing to the masses while only requiring they buy one each. As true of a traditional bulk pricing model, the more items sold, the lower the price for all.