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SHOT Show 2012: More on Combat Flipflops

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

SSD has followed the development of Combat Flipflops pretty much since the beginning. (You may recall the picture of their SHOT Show debut on Tactical Mama’s feet.) In any case, they are cruising right along, expanding their product line and providing impressive assistance to the Afghans working at their factory. At first blush it might seem strange, getting behind “flip-flops” made in Afghanistan, but the guys helping the HNs making this happen are incredibly passionate about it. Think about it…there will be just a limited market for the ANA combat boots they started making. Once that’s done, then what? Here’s a viable way to support the indigenous economy, help train skilled workers and give them an opportunity to $10-a-bomb IED planting or narcotics cultivation. I was really impressed by these guys and am looking forward to SSD readers getting to learn more by dint of the Combat Flipflop Whiskey-5 (which will be coming soon).

Soldier Systems: Tactical Mama sportin' her Combat Flip Flops on the floor at SHOT.

Griff says they have some new models coming down the pike, including Jingle Trucks (So Loud You’ll Hear Them Coming), the Burkhas (Ladies Only) and the Technicals (Utilitarian footwear with heavy weapon embellishments). You can watch for the latest developments on the Combat Flip Flops Facebook page.

In the meantime check out the pictures they’ve posted on their production facility in Afghanistan on the Combat Flip Flops website.

Soldier Systems Daily: The Evolution of the Combat Flip Flop Facility in Afghanistan

Soldier Systems Daily: The Evolution of the Combat Flip Flop Facility in Afghanistan

Check out their video: