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A Creditor You Might Actually Want In Your Wallet

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

You may remember when I wasn’t totally impressed with the CardSharp by Iain Sinclair. Granted, that was in the context of its use against zombies, but even without this handicap I’m still not gaga about it. However, it’s not the only knife that folds into a credit card sized shape, and at least this one looks rugged enough to be somewhat useful. Meet The Creditor. Like the CardSharp, it folds and it’s a knife. But that’s pretty much where the similarities end. To be specific, The Creditor is actually marketed as a money clip that doubles as a knife. It’s also made of carbon fiber, D2 tool steel, and titanium. Not too shabby. Plus, it won knife maker John Kubasek an award for Most Innovative Knife Design, so that must count for something. It’s still too short to be an effective anti-zombie weapon, but you can always throw the $20 bills clipped to its side as a distraction.

You can get yours here.