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Not-So-Gratuitous Girls With Guns

Monday, January 16th, 2012

There’s an organization based out of Chicago (though it has members across the country) called the Women’s Tactical Association.

Tactical Fanboy: the Women's Tactical Association Athena Logo

Women's Tactical: Athena Logo

Members are mostly (though not all) law enforcement officers and military personnel. What’s interesting about these ladies is that they are able to maintain their femininity without giving up the ass-kicking capability you’d expect of an organization that includes NPRC (National Patrol Rifle Competition) shooters, specialized LE units, drug task force officers, etc.

If you’re at SHOT this week, watch for the three attractive (but dangerous) females wearing WTA apparel and get one of these patches (it’s a female shooter silhouette, appropriately labeled the Athena logo). If you know a female who is serious about improving her skills and is less worried about breaking a nail than she is about reducing her reload time under fire, then steer her towards the WTA (they are also on Facebook).

Note: we’re not interested in any stupid or inappropriate comments. These ladies are professionals and are our friends. If you want to remark on the fact that they all seem to be pretty as well as tactically proficient, well and good. Keep it classy, be respectful and don’t show your ass. We’d treat your friends and your sister the same way.

Tactical Fanboy: A member of the Women's Tactical Association.