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Welcome to Tactical Fanboy!

The long wait is over: Tactical Fanboy is live! Besides the obligatory, and very much enjoyed, SHOT coverage, I’ll also be offering up heaping helpings of information on the “latest news on the entertainment side of the tactical industry.”. Along with this, expect the occasional ‘NSFW’ piece (I’ll warn you beforhand), contests to win cool swag, and the addition of reader’s comments. That’s right! Unlike a certain other blog, you can now comment on articles to your heart’s content. Like what I’m doing? Disagree with my opinion? Just plain hate everything I do? Tell me, it’s how I improve. Finally, don’t forget to check out my Facebook and Twitter pages. They’re both great ways to check the latest fanboy news.

For those at SHOT, I’ll see you on the floor. Everyone else, enjoy what’s to come and stay tuned for more.

3 Responses to “Welcome to Tactical Fanboy!”

  1. Sarah says:

    Congrats TFB. I’ll be following this as closely as I follow SSD, which is to say, religiously. 😀

  2. A.Lentz says:

    well about time, good to see this on the up. i hope your standards continue to be as highly maintained as we have been used to on SSD.

  3. Sweet dude, good idea for the new site and I like that I can now comment

    ~James G

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