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Dead Space 2 Launch Party

Unlike most launch parties I’ve attended, I was actually the first to arrive. And by arrive, I mean arrive early. By 30 minutes.

My enthusiasm left me out in the literal cold.

But it was worth it, because I was the first in line!

Now, compared to the high-capacity Reach or Black Ops parties, this was more of a very small social gathering. There couldn’t have been anymore than 10 people in the store when midnight finally arrived. That’s not to say it wasn’t fun, just a different kind of fun. Discussions with the employees about comics, movies, video games, pop culture, and anything else a fanboy would love to talk about led to the time passing by quickly and with a lot of laughs. I also received some cool promotional materials just for being there, such as an advertisement banner and an oversized game box. And then there was the prize for being first in line: the amazingly awesome necromorph drawing!

Overall, it was one of my favorite launch parties yet. It was fun, I got cool stuff, and most importantly I got the game quick so I could go home and play it. BTW, Dead Space 2 is terrifying! It doesn’t disappoint.

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