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Social Darwinism At Its Finest

Oh, where to begin? With this list, of course:

-He didn’t assume it was loaded.
-He pointed the gun at his foot, which is something I assume he didn’t want to destroy.
-He put his finger on the trigger, while assuming it wasn’t loaded, despite not aiming at anything.
-It’s damn sure he wasn’t aware of his target. Well, he was after the bullet impacted his foot.

In case you didn’t follow, that list is basically an antithesis to the four rules of firearms. It just boggles the mind how someone who is supposedly trained to handle firearms can be this stupid. The best part is he assures the class he’s a professional, and that he’s the only one trained enough to handle the Glock, when all of a sudden, disaster strikes! Sure, the video’s old, but the message is timeless: follow the rules, and you might not end up like ‘The Footless Wonder’ there.

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