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Zombie Island Announcement Trailer

From what I could dig up it’s a FPS (First Person Shooter) that takes place on a resort island called Banoi that undergoes a zombie infestation. And unlike most other zombie titles, you won’t be loaded with firearms and be a one-man zombie killing machine. Instead, the goal is survival, reportedly using anything you can get your hands on to fight back the undead hoard. This includes kitchen knives, pipes, even tree branches, and items can be combined to improve their usefulness. However, since you’re an Average Joe, your not the most competent fighter alive. To remedy this, an in-game skill tree can be used to improve your character’s combat proficiency. Character models also feature real time damage, and individual bones can be destroyed, so one poorly placed blow can be the difference between a headless zombie, and one just missing a jaw. Plus, based on the trailer, it seems to be taking a more emotional and realistic look at a zombie outbreak, which is just fantastic, provided some group doesn’t bitch about there being zombie children.

It’s being developed by Polish developer Techland, who are most famously known for the Call of Juarez games. If you ask me, going from a Western series to a modern day Zombie game is a pretty big leap, especially considering the abundance of the Zombie theme in current culture. Still, considering the game has been in development for at least 3 years, and the vastly different tone when compared to similar titles, this looks like it’ll be a huge hit when it finally gets released.

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