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Drive-Thru Sex Shop Offers Credit For Guns

Yes, that eye catching title is completely true. A drive-thru adult store in Alabama, specifically Pleasures located in Huntsville, is offering a deal where an individual can trade their firearms for adult products. Sherri Williams, the owner of the store, vows to turn in any illegal firearms to the police, while selling the legal ones and using the profit to benefit victims of gun violence. What surprises me most about this is expecting anyone from Alabama to give their guns away. Fat chance of that. However, I just can’t help but feel if any place in the world has a drive-thru adult store, it’d have to be Alabama.

Thanks to The Week for the story. You can read the full article here.


6 Responses to “Drive-Thru Sex Shop Offers Credit For Guns”

  1. name says:

    I don’t think you should stereotype Alabama. I’m offended. Is everyone in California a surfer or illegal? Is everyone from Florida old? Is everyone from Kentucky inbred?

  2. Five Bucks says:

    You wouldn’t be offended if location had been moved to Vegas, and the stereotype also moved there. Try not to be so sensitive, and take the joke in the spirit in which it was probably intended. Harmless, light-hearted, humor.

  3. Tyler says:

    I lived in Mississippi and Alabama both for several years and the first thing I noticed was drive thru everything. You could get food, booze, smokes, drying cleaning and more and never get out of your car. So a drive through adult store in Alabama isn’t surprising to me at all. Though someone being overly sensitive about a stereotype is a little.

  4. Yowza says:

    Dude, come on. Which part bothered you? That people in bama have sex or have guns? Seriously, you sound like a pinko commie fag.

  5. name says:

    Well I’m a teacher in California and my students just went through a huge stereotyping issue. & I like guns and sex.

  6. Yowza says:

    They’re stereotypes for a reason

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