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Make Any Glock Full-Auto

With SIGG’s FSSG drop-in selector switch. It replaces the rear slide plate on any model Glock and allows the user to switch between full and semi-auto, up to 1200 RPM. Although the legality of making your pistol full-auto varies by location, the price one of these switches is going for on this auction is almost too good a deal to pass up. Of course it always helps to see it in action before you buy:

And when I said any model Glock, I meant it: that’s a Glock 35, which fires .40 caliber. Wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that.

Thanks goes to The Firearms Blog.

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3 Responses to “Make Any Glock Full-Auto”

  1. Glenn wooten says:

    Recently purchased a glock 30 45. Wanting to buy the conversion for it. Where exactly do I find that. I tried finding auction

  2. Eric Neilson says:

    How does one go about getting BATF approval for the Glock/select-fire conversion. All Glock 18’s are dealer samples and are only possessable by
    a fairly small universe of potential owners. It seems that if approval for the conversion was possible, everybody would be packing a select-fire Glock.

  3. Dr M Katte says:

    Be aware that many of these drop-in conversions are NOT drop-in and require final machining and fitting.

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