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Tuff Writer Tactical Pens

Looking to trade up from your standard space pen? Then you may want to give one of these these a look. Tuff Writer tactical pens are made from oversized stock 6061-T6 aluminum which is hard anodized to Mil-A-8625 “F” standards. In addition, they are designed to write in the most extreme conditions, specifically in altitudes upward to 12,500 feet, in temperatures ranging from -30 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and underwater. The pens feature both a sharp and rounded end, with uses ranging from a defensive implement to a PDA stylus. Also, each pen uses a standard Fisher Space Pen cartridge, so they’re easy to refill. Simply put, these are some amazing writing implements.

Visit tuffwriter.com to check out the full product line, local retailers, and to order online.

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One Response to “Tuff Writer Tactical Pens”

  1. Haus says:

    To any of you reading this and wondering if the pen is worth it? I’d say yes. I’ve had mine since October (#4441) and I love it. The weight is great for those that hate feather light Bic pens. The coating on the pen is awesome, dropped it tons of times and only have one scratch so far. The screw-on cap is good, but becomes even better with a tiny o-ring , which prevents it from accidentally coming off.

    The ink is bold, doesn’t smudge easily. Really does write upside down etc.

    Pocket clip is beefy and works well.

    As a kubaton, it’s easy to hold and both tips give you great control.

    I’d also suggest the Kydex neck sheath, i wear it daily.

    Lastly, if you plan on travelling with a Tuff Writer, think about getting a silver or coloured version as the TSA wanted me to bag-check my black “tacticool ” version.

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