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Blackhawk! Advanced Boonie Hat

It’s the classic Boonie hat design, but with a few modern features added by Blackhawk! to appeal to the modern warrior. The hat itself is 50/50 NYCO with a self fabric brim lining and self fabric side-band branch loops. It includes mesh side vents and crown lining, and a hidden mesh map pocket. A square VELCRO loop on the crown allows for attachment of badges and other materials, and a drawstring with rear cordlock can be used as a chinstrap or cinching cord. The DM3 Desert Digital camo model is shown above, but MultiCam is also available, which I happen to own. It’s a very good Boonie, although I suggest going a half-size above what you normally wear for a hat, otherwise it could be a bit tight.

www.blackhawk.com – Advanced Boonie Hat

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4 Responses to “Blackhawk! Advanced Boonie Hat”

  1. Crusader says:

    This is just a rip off of the Drop Zone stubby boonie hat.
    I can’t believe people keep supporting rip-off artists and exporting North American jobs to the third world.

  2. Moe says:

    Wow, just found out about it and Crusader is right. It’s a blatant ripoff of Drop Zone’s stubby. They changed a few details… but still. Eff Blackhawk! Companies like that make me sick. Now it’s not only Chinese stealing good designs. Way to go!

  3. DJ says:

    Stop crying into your stars and stripes…competition is what a democracy is all about.
    If the DZ version was better,then people would buy it.
    Half the so called milspec equipment that comes out of the states is crap, yet they put a hefty price on it, then tug on the patriotic strings…wave the flag and expect people to hand over their hard earned cash just because it was made at home.

    Wake up and smell the coffee

  4. Bill says:

    Im pretty sure that Dropzone Tactical is a Canadian company….plus it is over 2x as much then the Blackhawk version ($49.99).

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