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Ghost Army Tactical Multicam “Penumbra” Snipers Tactical Boonie Concealment Cap

Ghost Army Tactical is now working on their own line of gear, including the “Penumbra” Boonie. Each Penumbra is made from 50/50 NYCO Ripstop US Army Issue Multicam low IR Glow material. 550 Para cord attachment points cover the hat, allowing for the addition of gillie suit scrim, while loop Velcro panels allow for the attachment of patches, IR glint tape, and an IR distress beacon attachment. Heavy duty abrasion resistant nylon mesh covers the top of the hat, keeping the wearer cool while keeping sunlight out. Each “Penumbra” is custom made to order and is manufactured in the USA.

“Penumbra” – Ghost Army Tactical Store

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One Response to “Ghost Army Tactical Multicam “Penumbra” Snipers Tactical Boonie Concealment Cap”

  1. Ronin McCloud says:

    man I really want one o these in that new ATACS-FU camoflage they just came out with. Will that be a possibility?

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