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Breach Bang Clear Seeking Zombie Stories

Fancy yourself a writer of zombie fiction? Or maybe it’s not fiction at all but rather a tell all expose on our Government’s war on the undead, so long as those undead are hippies. Either way, Breach Bang Clear is seeking your story for their upcoming anthology, “Attack of the Hippie Zombies”. It’s a first for us too, combining the hippie and undead genres. Submissions should be 800 to 20,000 word (unless it’s so good and full of zombie killing, hippie stomping goodness it makes them want to make an exception) and should be set in the era between 1965 and the present.

Would-be authors will be donating their proceeds to support the Independence Fund and veterans who have suffered extensive traumatic injury. It’s for a good cause guys.

The rules get a little complicated so make sure you visit www.breachbangclear.com for full details.

Originally posted on Soldier Systems Daily.

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