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Adult Store Burglar Caught In Closet With Blow-Up Doll

Earlier this week, U.S. Army Captain Justin Dale Little Jim broke into the MVC Late Night adult store in Woodbridge, Virgina. After taking more than $200 dollars worth of products and storing them in his vehicle, he went back in and preceded to attempt sexual relations with a blow-up doll in a store closet, where he was caught by police. Oh, and he was wearing women’s panties at the time. Little Jim was charged with burglary, grand larceny, and destruction of property and was held in the Prince William jail on Wednesday without bail. His trial is scheduled to take place on August 23rd.

Hat Tip: The Smoking Gun with additional details from The State of NoVa.

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One Response to “Adult Store Burglar Caught In Closet With Blow-Up Doll”

  1. BUG says:

    Yes BUT is his Army career over?

    He had to be on something to do this? Please tell us he was…………please!?

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