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LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants Ads

Check out these new ads for the LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants (click the image for more). Whether you find them appropriate or not, it’s hard to argue against using sex to boost sales of almost any product. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have the sudden urge to buy a large quantity of pants, so hot women will attempt to steal them from me, while I’m still wearing them, in my bedroom :D.

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7 Responses to “LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants Ads”

  1. Lew says:

    Those pants are the shiznitz. Seriously, they’re cheap, excellent and comfy.

    Now to find some chicas who like men in tactical pants (hint: they don’t exist in Europe).

  2. Joe Schmoe says:

    LAPG blatantly stole the design elements of these pants from the TAD Gear Force 10 cargos and then had them made using cheaper materials and methods. They have a history of doing stuff like that. Now they are using the ol “sex sells” method to advertise them. Awesome. LAPG is exactly what is wrong with the “industry”. No innovation of their own, rips off others designs and produces them to a lesser standard. SUCKIT LAPG!

  3. Ripp Off says:

    @Joe Schmoe

    Yeah, well where do you think TAD got the design for their pants? The Force 10 Cargos themselves are a blatant rip off of the old first gen Crye pants. By property of association, TAD can also “SUCKIT”.

  4. panzerhund0311 says:

    HAHAHA!!! Both TAD Gear and LAPG can SUCK IT!

  5. Joe Schmoe says:

    Crye make great kit. I am no TAD “fanboy”, but even IF the case were that the Crye pants were the inspiration for the Force 10s (I really have no idea as boh trousers use elements of past designs both classic and modern) at least TAD added design elements and made them unique (pocket placement, flaps, pocket expansion design, etc) and nobody can argue that the TAD pants were a top shelf product in terms of materials and construction. Hold up those LAPG pants next to Crye and TAD and even a layman can tell you who was blatantly ripped off. On top of that, the LAPG pants are constructed like crap in comparrison. A red dot don’t make it an Aimpoint, and this industry is full of cheap knock offs.

  6. Yowza says:

    Hear hear, that it is. Too bad TAD doesn’t use some hotties for their ads.

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