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Going The Extra Length For Your Cosplay At SDCC

Many people put a lot of time and dedication into making a kick-ass costume for the San Diego Comic Con, but is it possible that going that extra mile is actually going too far? Surprisingly, it can be, since on the very first day someone was caught using an actual AR-15 as a costume accessory. Although that’s fairly shocking news, I’m more interested in what costume the individual was wearing that they felt necessitated the use of a real firearm. My money’s on Rambo.

After the first day’s AR-15 incident, everything went smoothly. The second day, however, saw the confiscation of two machetes, a dagger, a KA-BAR knife and a lead pipe. Either they were dealing with some extremely dedicated cosplayers, or prevented the happenings of a Marvel vs. DC fan turf war. Maybe both.

Hat Tip: Destructoid

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One Response to “Going The Extra Length For Your Cosplay At SDCC”

  1. red2alpha73 says:

    I would say really dedicated cosplayers with a dash or two of good old fashion ignorance.

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