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Battlefield 3: Weapons Customization

The Battlefield series is finally getting on the customizable weapons bandwagon so prevalent in modern FPS’s (I’d say CoD 4 – onward has a huge part in this) with Battlefield 3. While it’s true that Bad Company 2 did introduce weapons optics and improved handling specializations, the selection was extremely limited when compared to similar games. Now, DICE has introduced a full range of attachments for your weaponry including optics, grips, and barrels, much like in the Medal of Honor reboot’s multiplayer, which they also designed. With this addition, Battlefield 3 is making even greater strides towards FPS of the Year, although as always there is some stiff competition to contend with.

Part 2
Part 3

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3 Responses to “Battlefield 3: Weapons Customization”

  1. PJ says:

    the more and more video releases of this game is making me happier and happier I pre-ordered. I have always been a great fan of the battlefield series, to bad ill have to till r&r. I know you had stated you got invited to the alpha test, im curious if you would write a review once its completed?

  2. Tactical Fanboy says:

    I’d like to, but several things are keeping me from doing that:

    1) I’d be considered lucky if I could even run it half-decently on my laptop. I think my graphics card is what is holding me back.

    2) The servers are constantly full, so I still haven’t been able to jump into a game.

    3) It’s against the terms and conditions of the Alpha to discuss any aspect of said Alpha outside the official site. The youtube channel that I got this video from has been exploring a lot of the alpha, and they have DICE’s permission to show the content, so they’re your best bet for an authorized “review”.

  3. A.Lentz says:

    well if you cant get your fix of BF3 i think you should dust of your copy of the good ole’ BF2 and download the FREE! game mod Project Reality. for a mod thats as old as it is, i think DICE took ALOT of inspiration from some of the things the PR modders have achieved (hell i think several things were down right stolen from PR and put into BF3)…. still from what i have seen of BF3 i have a nagging feeling i am going to be disapointed. i really really hope i am wrong.

    so come on TFB keep us updated.

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