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Zombie Apocalypse – Choose Your Kit

‘A’ and ‘B’ are the clear choices. Just don’t feel obligated to wield those Berettas akimbo.

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20 Responses to “Zombie Apocalypse – Choose Your Kit”

  1. red2alpha73 says:

    Do we have to option to mix and match? If not then I’ll go with D. The fire power the SAW brings to the table is the winner for me.

  2. Jay.Mac says:

    Mix and match would definitely seem to be the way to go. Personally, I’m tempted by choice E. Wielding a chainsaw wouldn’t exactly appeal but the AK and Uzi look like they would come in handy, and the fuel would be handy either to escape in a vehicle or create a last-stand zombie conflagration.

  3. WMDunkin says:

    I am liking C the best if we can’t mix and match. But would rather have a shotgun (dragons breath, slugs, buck shot, tracers, flares) as my main with a indian war club for melee. TNT is always a safe bet on explosive, and a Taurus Judge for secondary.

  4. Joe says:

    I would have to say B.
    I could sleep a little more peacefully with a claymore in the doorway.

  5. KAA says:

    AK, Glock (not shown) Kukri and grenades

    Just like when dealing with non zombies

  6. Mojo says:

    B. Suppressed long range, accurate fire.(High School of the Dead) Also the same suppression in CQB. The less noise, the less zombies. (World War Z) Same goes with the Katana. (Walking Dead Comic) I agree with Joe, but the claymore would work best if mounted at head height or used in an enclosed corridor.

  7. Travis says:


    Claymores don’t really work like they do in Black Ops. Having the claymore set up to sleep better might help you sleep, but not live.

  8. B – Hands down the best choice of the options above.

  9. RBK says:

    Has to be B due to the suppressors. Gunshot sounds attract more zombies.

  10. La Muerte says:

    Im going to go with B. One long range rifle, one short range gun, but mostly because the sword has a longer reach then the machete. And either kind of explosive device is good enough for zombies.

  11. Mojo has it down. B, for those reasons.

  12. jackhui says:

    No dout is b!
    One long one short

  13. jacob the prepper says:

    I think A. is a good choice. A hand gun is suitable for zombies, after all, a dangerous zombie is a close zombie. Also, to point out, the handgun in choice A. is a Beretta 92fs, which is 9mm. 9mm is a common round carried by the majority of law enforcement agencies an the military. Also, a shotgun is a tool: it can be used for breaching doors, hunting small or large game, and working in a pinch( depending on the type of shell used ). If you watch zombiegoboom on YouTube, then you should know bolo-styled machetes are devastating skull-crushers and aren’t very messy, thus lowering chance of infection. And the grenade, as cliched as it seems, is a viable option. If a horde of walkers were on my six, I’d want them cleared away-effectively and with haste. I appreciate you reading my sermon on why I think choice A. works out for me and hope it helps with your Zombie Apocalypse prepping/surviving.

  14. jacob the prepper says:

    Quick add-on. I didn’t realize choice A. offered two Berettas. this means one of two things: you could loan one to your prepper buddy or use one as a hidden back-up if you’re held hostage by a hostile survivor/group. Think about it…

  15. jacob the prepper says:

    …Also, if you’ve ever fired a suppressed weapon, suppressors barely reduce noise. In other words, you m14/m1a and mp5 will still attract many zombies. But in all honesty, one of these load outs is better than no load out. Ebola will start the zombie apocalypse… beware! Thisis the prepper, signing out…

  16. Missions says:


    Zombie Apocalypse – Choose Your Kit « Tactical Fanboy

  17. Nuray says:

    Loved the ideas on the show. Much problems just as I ectxeped with the way it was presented by Nat.Geo. First of all where are the people that prep for any and all events? Maybe later in the series? One sided it seemed as the people on feel that just one event is the ONLY event to worry about. Ken and Lauren are ready for several events, why not have them on? The people are pros that were on tonight, other than the two urban people attempting to survive. I saw people tonight though that feel that they ONLY have to worry about a certain doomsday event and this made them look unreliable as preppers, which is the further thing from the truth.The odds that National Geographic was giving was absurd in my opinion and was totally main audience driven. Lets start with the first about polar shift. The ONLY way of determining a polar shift is from the magnetic rocks that point in a different direction. There is no way of really determining the time frame at which it occurs.The southern San Andreas has not broken in over 310 years maybe more. The fault has to break, this is psychics. A 3% chance of breaking each year is a big fat misnomer meant to mislead everyone. As someone approaches the 30 year time frame, the odds each year increase, it is ONLY 3% in the first year and approaches 100% towards the 30 year end of the cycle. Basic statistics were completely left out. On purpose? don’t know. Maybe shear mathematic ignorance here, again, don’t know.Oil shutdown. Canada and Mexico can ONLY produce so much oil PER DAY. There is not enough oil without OPEC, NO WAY! The strategic oil reserve is likely going to be used first by the military to protect this country, civilian use second. This is the reason why the U.S. is alm ost ready to blow up the world when Mid East oil is at stake. IT is the per day amount that needs to be looked at when determining the dangers of oil shortages. EMP from the sun. People have no idea how often that the sun belches up something that can fry the planet’s electronics. Event in 1859 could be a cycle that previous could have been every 25, 50, 100, or 1000 years. Just don’t know. EMP definitely possible each year, all depending on the direction of the flare. I would also be worried about a radiation storm from such an event. New Madrid Fault. Does it go off every 500 years? This fault is influenced much by the Mid Atlantic Ridge and is thought to be an ancient fault of when all the continents where together. Extremly unpredictable.Financial collapse or hyperinflation. Now this was the stupdiest assessments made of the entire night. The experts concur this won’t happen. Who were the experts, the same characters that said into the housing industry it will continue to go up in value for years to come? Has anyone taken a look at how China owns the U.S. Has anyone taken a look at the increasing food prices and gold at around $ 1750 an ounce.Again, In my opinion National Geographic catered to the general audience that they are trying to sell air time to, that these scenarioes are delusional fairy tales by disturbed paranoid people. They want to show to Mr and Mrs Public that nothing bad is going to happen ever. It reminds me of the way that a cultural anthropology class would visit a different segment of the human population and observe them and interact with them, then present it as entertainment to the people that help pay their bills.They can of course offer excellent suggestions on what they need to improve, which is helpful to everyone, but still present it in such a way that still appeals to the public that just enjoys the preppers on exhibit. This of course is a critique that was asked for above, and only my opinion just like some movie critics give their opinion on movies. So please Ken don’t become angry with me as I continue. I got some valuable new ideas tonight and enjoy the preparation by the people, this is a show I would like to see next week and beyond. Now for more. I feel that urban survival is nuts. If someone goes all to the trouble of being ready why not live outside the urban zone and increase your chances exponentially? I liked how that fellow was going to use the wild plants, but like that lady in Houston, anyone afterwards on a collapse in an urban area is dead meat unless they join a gang of well armed individuals. The science fiction movie of Escape from New York or even Escape from LA pretty well states what is going to happen. When there is no law, well armed gangs and killers for what you have will do what the previous show on NG was about, snipe you before you even knew what hit you. Again, I feel that anyone in an urban area MUST get out before it happens, or likely forget it.I absolutely love how much Mr. and Mrs. Range stored up and have everything ready to go, but this is for one event. If I was going to go to all that trouble of training the animals and be ready, I would also be ready for what looks like it could be coming soon, World War 3. As a suggestion, why not bury those shipping containers underground or even back pile a sand loam mix against them. It would only take 3-4 feet of dirt shielding to protect against radiation that will be everywhere if the nukes start to take flight. In case of a polar shift I would be really worried about magnetic storms that could reach several hundred miles a hour, and underground it would give someone more of a chance of making it through this nightmare. Have all sorts of books on the importance of mass against the elements, and dirt is one of the best. Just a thought.Like the precautions about EMP and the people that were growing everything and bee keeping. Bees supply a lot more than honey, crops with bee hives nearby double or triple their harvest and bees help pollinate everything. Liked everything about the family that was using wood as fuel, other than the one son that was going to hunt fido, dogs, for food. I understand everything is fair game, but I have to draw a line at man’s best friend. Some people will not draw a line at anything, and that means anything and that scares me. I enjoyed most of the shows as IF I can overlook the obvious overtone of the producers’ agenda of the show, again in my sole opinion, as these people have fantastic ideas that everyone can learn from. Truly hope that at least a couple of the preppers are preparing for any series of events that are likely to occur, rather than having just one believed holocaust that each person feels. The more that someone gets ready for the whole spectrum of possible outcomes the better chance they have to handle when one or more actually does occur.VA:F [1.9.22_1171]0 0

  18. Haha. I woke up down today. You’ve cheered me up!

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  20. You lost me, friend. I mean, I assume I get what youre declaring. I recognize what you’re saying, but you just appear to have ignored that there are some other folks within the world who view this issue for what it actually is and may not agree with you. You may be turning away alot of men and women who may have been fans of your site.

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