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Girls, Guns, Exotic Cars & More

Filmed at a BDS Tactical Gear photo shoot, this video has it all: hot women holding guns while posing next to expensive cars. A pretty good way to start the day, don’t you think?

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3 Responses to “Girls, Guns, Exotic Cars & More”

  1. ghost says:

    So Jenn Willis got some of her Stripper friends ( Cause she was an exotic dancer before) she stole the company from her Husband John Willis to come in and pose with their now shitty gear, Amazing.

  2. @Ghost – As a currently serving Marine Reservist, I’ve been proud to work at BDS Tactical with our Operations Director, Production Manager, Product Development Director, and CEO, all current or former Marines, for the last two years. I’ve never been employed by or responsible to anyone associated with John Willis, and I’m tired of seeing this on message boards and comments. We are now and have for a long time been completely unrelated to OSOE. Further, we take our roles building this gear for our friends and brothers in combat very seriously, and any comments about the quality of our gear being less than acceptable for combat operations can be taken straight to me at 1-888-899-9366 x 87. This photo shoot was done for SHOT Show last year, enjoy it or don’t. But don’t spread falsehoods and slander what the Marines at BDS Tactical are working hard every day to build.

    Mike G.
    Special Accounts Director
    BDS Tactical Gear, Inc.

  3. cars says:


    […]Girls, Guns, Exotic Cars & More « Tactical Fanboy[…]…

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